Trek Powerfly FS 7 Plus Review after one year


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Aug 24, 2020
So here is my review of my 2019 Trek Powerfly full suspension 7 Plus after one year of riding roads, fire roads and singletrack trails.
I think this is a great E-Bike. Plenty of power in the climbs and overall a great experience riding. The controls are very convenient and easy to get used to. It is my first full suspension bike and I’m really impressed with the smooth ride. I also think it’s a little on the expensive side at $5,300.
I’m not impressed with the repairs that were needed to keep this bike running though. The first thing that needed attention were the brakes, new pads front and rear were replaced in May. Next I needed new rotors front and rear in early June. Then a new chain mid June. By August I needed new calipers front and rear (warranty), one leaking and one seized up, also new brake rotors again. On to October, I needed a new rear cassette along with another new chain. Beginning of December I needed to rebuild the front forks and rear suspension, new seals and fluid. And new brake pads again at the end of December. I also had to replace the dropper seat cable, it was frayed and binding up. To finish out the year I had to replace the derailleur, it broke in half. So, for the year 2019 repairs were $1,183.
At my own choice I bought a new set of wheels with studded tires for winter. $750
Sounds like you are riding the bike.
I have commented that my dirtbikes cost way less to operate.
Dirtbikes weigh 5 times as much and are much more durable and Mtn bikes are fragile in comparison.
I look forward to the day that enclosed transmissions are similarly priced as derailleurs, but cannot see that happening
How many miles, I have the same bike, most all parts you replaced are wear out parts regardless of Brand,
I bought mine local , that's a huge win, As long as I buy tires, chains ect they'll wrench free, Congrats on your year.

I put 4343 miles on this year and the bike has been great. On a sad note, my new derailleur only lasted FOUR MILES! Then a big stick jumped up and took it out. Damn.

Trek Powerfly FS 7 Plus derailleur.jpg
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Funny the hanger didn't break. (many trail riders have a spare one in their pack etc)
Or is that the new style direct mount type that may not break so easy?
I'm not so sure I'd carry a spare at $100 a shot. I haven't broken one in over 4000 miles and now I break two in two days and 4 miles. Just bad luck I think. I'm not sure I could change it in the woods either.
Seems to me like the brakes/calipers were defective from the get-go, dragging and chewing up pads/rotors. Rotors should last WAY longer than that, as should the calipers. How many miles/hours on the bike? If not much, I'd ask your LBS to put in a request with Trek for at least the rotors/labor. Maybe get a gift card/product credit from Trek. That's not being cheap, that's being fair. What you experienced is not normal.

Derailleurs, well, stuff happens...
I wish my dirt bike was a cheap to KTM 300 (ridden on lots of rocks) goes through tires every 15-20 hours, oil every 8, brake pads ever 50-60 hours, top end rebuild every 80-100 hours, plastics once a season, clutch pack every 80 hours, sprockets/chain every 80-100 hours, fork service every 100 hours, and the occasional radiator or pipe.
I also ride a ktm 300.
It does not cost much to maintain because I have not ridden it as much since getting into E-mtb.
I like the challenge of riding E-mtb on moto trails.