Trek E-bike Roscoe 7


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Apr 28, 2022
Hey guys, hoping to get some help here.
I have a 2019 M sized Trek Roscoe 7 and I am planning to turn it into an E-Bike with the Bufang BBS02, and I'm not sure if it will work or not.
For example I'm not sure if the bottom bracket will fit the BBS02 and Im not sure what sized Chain wheel to get.
If anybody could answer these questions that would be amazing.
Thank you!
The bbs02 is available with a variety of widths, so measure your bb and order the corresponding kit. I would stay with the same size chain ring that your bike currently has so you don't have any issues with chain length.
The ID of the bottom bracket needs to be 33.5mm to 34. You won't know that for sure till you pull the cranks but one of my bikes is a TREK so I est you will be ok (But Ck it before ordering) Std Length kit is for 68-72 mm long BB. Longer ones are avail. AS far as gear on the BBSo2. It would depend on use & driver wt. My BBSO2 has a 44 T gear & I'm 200lbs & it works great. I ride small town streets/ gravel roads/Bike Trails w/ some steepish hills but nothing crazy steep.--(Maybe Up/down 200 ft) ( 60 yrs old). Bikes are Hard Tail Mountain bikes 7 Spd with Biggest Rear gear 34 to 12. Apx 34 MPH using a 17A 52V Bat.