Trek Allant 7+ adding trailer lights


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11:23 AM
Jan 13, 2022
I would like to splice into the factory tail light wiring and add 2 tail lights to the trailer I pull my grandson in. Anyone think this will work? I'm assuming the voltage is 12 volts?
I appreciate your response, but I do not want to have to walk to the back of the trailer and turn each light every time I ride and turn them off each time I'm done and wonder when I need to recharge them. I want it all on my built in computer. Looking for someone who has customized theirs on their own before or knows a little about how the electronics work for the tail light. Sometimes it gets dark while riding so I'd have to remember to pull over and turn them on.
There's two wires coming under the crank set to the tail light to splice on to. What I don't know is whether the computer will recognize the additional load and cause problems or what voltage tail lights I should be looking for. Thanks for the reply.
I understand; I use several lights on my bike. During daylight hours, I find the flashing mode on my lights far more attention getting, than a steady beam, wired or not.
I would get a Garmin Radar taillight, and Garmin Edge head unit. Besides the taillight flashing, the head unit will beep when traffic is coming up behind you.