Transporting ebike in winter - Raleigh Detour IE


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Oct 17, 2020
I will be transporting my Raleigh Detour IE ebike about 1000 miles on a rear bike carrier.
I am going to remove the battery and the seat.
What else should I do to protect the bike and the electronics.
The trip will be in the winter and I might encounter rain, snow and cold.
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Good question. Looking for the answer to that myself. I carry my Cannondale Synapse Neo 1 on a Kuat rack. I have a cover for it but with the cover on, the tail lights are blocked. License plate not a problem, have a way to mount it on the back of the rack. I know about wiring harnesses and have that figured out. Just need to find a creative solution for the brake/tail/backup lights. Not seeing a good way to attach to the rack. That would be doable with your rack. What brand/model is that? I see also that your license plate is obscured. I got this bracket to mount on the rack.
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