Torque Sensor vs Cadence Sensor on an ebike?


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Sep 18, 2018
Which do you prefer an ebike with a torque sensor or a cadence sensor?
In my opinion torque sensors are better as they measure the level of assistance that you get for the amount of effort you put into the ride!
Neither, I like the good old thumb throttle which doesn't need any sensors ;)
I'm with @2ndhand on the torque sensor. The downside is that you need to keep on pedaling when going up a tough hill climb otherwise the ebike comes to a halt!
Cadence sensors are common because they are cheap. A really good torque sensor is always going to be better than a cadence sensor. I like having a throttle because it provides a backup to keep the electric motor going (like when you tear the PAS wires like I did on one ride).
Throttle only is the cheapest option, then cadence sensor, then torque sensor, then torque sensor that actually works being the most expensive :)
I've used ebikes with both cadence and torque sensors, A torque sensor is smooth an reacts very fast from my experience.
A good torque sensor makes an ebike feel just like riding a normal bike. Throttle only feels like an electric scooter....
Ebikes with torque sensors will get a longer range and therefore potentially greater battery life to make up for the extra cost of the torque sensor.