Torn speed sensor cable from bafang 750 mid drive motor


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4:18 AM
May 9, 2023
Hi there,
My first ebike build and man does it show. I somehow tore the speed sensor wire from the bottom of the motor. Has anybody dealt with this? I think I have to open the motor up and resolder the connections. Not how I was hoping to start off.
Yep, you're gonna have to do it yourself or have someone else do it for ya.

I'm not sure where to find them but there should be some type of wiring diagram for the controller to your bbsxx :unsure:
another option would be to replace the controller. i know that sucks. it has to be removed to make the repair anyway. the circuit board is imbedded in a rubbery potting compound which needs to be dug out, possibly causing more damage to other circuitry and has contaminated the connections. other forums people speak of making such repairs but i am mot capable. i have two spare controllers for my bbs02 (and gasket) in the garage for such emergency.
good luck!