Tongsheng TSDZ2B Boost hub spacing?


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10:07 AM
Mar 25, 2024
New Zealand
Can the Tongsheng TSDZ2B be installed on a bike with boost hub spacing (148mm I think) ??
Has anyone successfully accomplished this?
BEWARE! A word to the wise from the sadder but wiser, I've purchased 2 'affordable' kits, one ebay, the other off Walmart.
If one arrives & is not in the original carton & foam packing, you bought someone's worthless junk! No matter how many
error codes you try to solve or how many times you check every connection, you've been had! Do not wait to install at
your leisure; immediately plug together the entire kit & harness,(very carefully), & test it with a battery before ever
attempting to install it:oops: !!! Do not wait, get yur money back PDQ. If it ships from 'Vegas' don't even bother!