Tongsheng TSDZ2 Conversion Review


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Mar 10, 2021
I added a TSDZ2 to a SOMA fabrications double cross, 9-speed, downtube shifters, and cantilever brakes. The install was pretty easy and only took around 2 hours. The following YouTube video shows how to install the kit:

The only extra tool I needed was a bottom bracket tool for removing my old crank. The TSDZ2 kit comes with the required tool to install the motor.

I've now been riding the bike for about 2 months basically every day to work. Its been so much fun! I don't have too much experience with ebikes, but my DIY converted ebike will challenge anything that I've test ridden at half the price!
Sounds good, thanks for sharing your experience and review with the TSDZ2 kit.
Glad you're enjoying your TSDZ2. I have just installed one on my Claud Butler road bike.
Total weight is now a modest 21kg. The unit I chose was a 48v DC 750w paired with a 48v 17.5 amp tube battery with Samsung cells.
So far I am having mixed results with my rides as I am finding it difficult to find the correct gear up hills but I will persevere.
I have also discovered that 6 wire systems, which I have, don't allow you to retro fit a thumb throttle but I think I could swap out my 6w controller for 8w. However. If possible I want to avoid that as any type of throttle is illegal in the UK.
One thing I did find anoying with the installation was no cable/ wiring diagram, but I am gradually determining what goes where and extras that you can add like lights etc.
I just completed a TS 750 W conversion On my Bianchi Wannabee crossbike. I work in a bike shop and was able to get around the fact that my seller, Eco ebikes of Nashville, provided no support. The documentation shipped straight from China was horrible. It doesn't look like Eco ebike ever even opened any of this or looked at it. Things went OK for me and I'm very happy with the bike , I love it. But I would pay somebody to just teach me what is going on with this so called open source firmware---how the factory programmed the controller with a combination of torque sensor and cadence sensor. It works great but I would like to know more about it. No dialog possible with the sellers of this kit.