Tongsheng mid drive problems (motor does not engage)


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May 20, 2021
2 years ago I bought 2 tongsheng motors on Ali Express during singles day which is the Chinese equivalent of Black Friday. One went on my recumbent delta trike and has been working fine, it has over 1800 km's on it. The second was installed on my road bike which the wife uses.

My problem is a couple day's ago I decided to switch the trike to a Bafang BBS02. The Tongsheng which is 750 watt with a throttle was removed and was going to be sold now does not work. It got mounted to a bike frame on a stand. I have a older 48V battery which uses XT 60 connectors and when I hooked up the battery got a spark, not uncommon on a battery that does not have an on/off switch. Anyway now the display lights u and, registers speed but the motor does not engage. Any one else here have that issue?
Hi hugh,

Apparently when you crank a Tongsheng Mid Drive it by hand without resistance on the back wheel, it wont register enough torque. Therefore the motor will not activate.