Thumb throttle not responding


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12:58 AM
Mar 3, 2023
I checked currant from the controler to the 3 pin throttle connector and it’s 4.5v. But, I can’t get any response once connected to the throttle. I replaced the throttle twice and then ran test wires bypassing the connector and still can’t get anything to happen. Could this no throttle response be a bad Controler, even if the throttle is getting juice?
Is your PAS level set to something higher than zero?
Just asking because a poster asked why his throttle didn't work unless pedal assist was turned on.
One more thing to check is the wiring on the new throttle i had to cross the pins in the connectors on a aftermarket throttle.
if you still have the old throttle that would be good. unless you are replacing the throttle because it fubar'd.