Throttle Wiring


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Sep 15, 2022
Hello happy to join this new forum
I have a question about throttle wiring please? i am amateur eBike maker/convertor, and have used mainly Voilamart controllers and hubs. The Voliamart throttle is usually 6 wire. 3 motor wire, and 3 wires for on/off switch and bar style power display (non LCD version)
So i bought the attached pictured throttle as i wanted the voltage meter integrated into the throttle (i usually just wire a voltmeter to an handlebar display)
This one i bought has 7 wires and i cannot get it to work, the instructions!!! are very poor, could someone please advise?

Very best regards
Graham Young


  • throttle 7 wire.PNG
    throttle 7 wire.PNG
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