Throttle related wiring problem. Upgrading my Ancheer Mtn's K controller to a to a K36 controller


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Jan 6, 2022
Mid Florida
I've installed new controller but I cant get throttle to work (no response). New controller seems to work ok for display and 6km display function test works. I think its is something basic I'm missing, I've tried new twist throttle, (I've tried with just a twist display and key/volt meter too) and new controller I've tried every color and key combination I can find on the net. Electric lock has jumper. I've read everything on the net that is related

Question, what is the correct place on K36 to get the 32v output for a throttle with key and volt display? (no third wire on main batt connection).

Do I need to connect PASS sensor for throttle to work?

What are "Battery Out" and "Power Output" pairs for on K36?

There seems to be no "Switch wire" on controller. Could this be "Electric Lock"?

The throttle connections are are yel blu blk grn yel blu. Outputs for throttle are red blk blu

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Strongly recommend not to use voltage display on throttle. Throttle is subject to water intrusion, with normal 5V throttle voltage not a big problem. A short across full pack voltage is much more likely to be a much larger problem.

Throttle is THE MOST LIKELY place on bike to have a water-related issue. It can be a small issue, or a BIG one.

Switch wire and Electric Lock SHOULD be the same, but Chinglish documentation is notoriously problematic.