This should make for interesting

I think there will two flavors of discussion here. Those from countries which have more restrictions, and those from countries which have a less strict set of rules.

I use my bike for commuting; we have very few bike lanes or bike trails here. This forces me to do much of my commute on city streets (with no bicycle lanes). For me, being able to move close to the speed of city traffic seems to make my commute safer, but then, the top speed limit on most of the city roads is about 35 MPH.
Lots of e-cyclists and e-motorbikers want access to places their vehicles are not permitted. Pretty simple stuff.

When I visited a petrified forest, the signs said not to take 'souvenirs' - but I wanted one, and there were soooo many, and no one to notice what I might pick up. I still want one. My desires are not paramount, nor over-riding considerations.

Be respectful.