Thinking about this as an upgrade....


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6:52 AM
Aug 13, 2022
So right now I have a Trek 6000 with 2" tires on its a 26" bike, which I put on a BBS02, and a 17AH Sammy pack. I ride mostly rails to trails but I want to get into some more technical stuff, and learning really quick that while I have a decent gravel bike, it doesnt like loose stuff. Yes, I can change the tires to a bit wider, and a bit more aggressive. Other thing is that its a Rim Brake bike and now with PAS, I am taking some hills that wouldnt be able to in the past, in Eastern PA, on the way down, I am not as confident in my rim breaks as I would like, think a mile or two downhill grade. I havent rode hydraulics but am told they are the way to go. I am also a large guy 6'4 240 and only a third of it fat, LOL.

Also really want a bike to ride snow this winter.

I would put a BBS02 on it and a Lekkie 30 tooth as well as an eggrider if they ever come back into stock. Would this be the swiss army bike, that I think it might be?