Thinking about a Front Hub eBike Kit with Carbon Forks


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12:30 PM
Jul 3, 2018
I would like to make an ebike out of a Specilized Tricross Comp. I want to keep the gears on the bike and am wondering what the easiest option is for making it into an ebike?

I was looking at the Dillener Street Legal Kit but my bicycle has forks made from carbon. I've seen people saying that the forks need to be steel for safety reasons with a front hub kit due to the extra weight of the electric motor. What do people think about front hub ebike kits on carbon forks?
Carbon forks with a front hub ebike kit is a little dangerous due to the possibility of it breaking. You can always put on steel front forks and then you will be OK.
Try a mid drive kit, carbon folks with a front hub kit is a definite no no.
Just so you know with a mid drive kit you will lose your front shifter, so if you want to keep all your gears (as you said in your original post) you'll have to choose a different option.

As for the front hub kit, I have a 350W geared hub fitted on some aluminium suspension forks and I have added a torque arm for extra strength. You could use 2 torque arms with the carbon folks.