They stole my idea.


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Jan 15, 2023
Two years ago I ran my Lectric XP using Ryobi power tool batteries.
Now their selling bikes that do the same thing.
I got 5 miles extra from each battery in the Tennessee mountains.
My advice would be don't do it unless you want to carry 10 batteries for a fifty mile ride and the stopping changing the batteries was annoying.
Last year I plugged my bike into a 300 watt solar battery while I was riding.
I got 2 hours of charging time while I road.
That was decent since my rides typically last 2 hours.
My volume was never less than 49.2.
Now my best idea so far.
Last November I added a 1200 watt front motor with 20 amp hour battery, That's 30 amps total and a 150% increase in power.
I've done 29.6 miles in the mountains and only used 33% of the combined batteries. I can now concur any mountain road on as little as pedal assist 3, it's a monster.
Wallace rd. Is steep and gets steeper. It was awesome descending the other side.


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