The Onyx Moped Electric Bike


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1:18 PM
Jul 13, 2020
And now direct from San Francisco via Indigogo the latest in eBike craze e nous that even eBikers won't love, The Onyx

ONYX electric moped.jpg

Although they call it a moped and it has a VIN it doesn't meet the DOT requirements, that mopeds are regulated by not the CPSC that eBikes are, such as a full lighting kit, head, tail, brake, turn signals, horn and mirror with DOT stamped rims and tires. Far exceeds the power and speed regs for mopeds in any state or country on Earth also. But still wildly popular with over the top crowd funding.

The usual off road only rider written in the small print but this is some good fuel for the e naysayers to gripe about and even though I like eBikes in general I won't blame them.
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