The motor company making E bikes


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2:18 PM
Oct 22, 2020
Does anyone know when the Harley Davidson E bikes will finally hit showroom floors? I guess they have temporarily quit building motorcycles. I may go check them out when they hit showroom floors.
I was thinking about the Livewire but did not hear anything about an emtb... not stoked on that news actually.

It'd be interesting to see which way they go on the build for their ebikes.
Honda stealerships sell Bulls Ebikes.
be interesting to see if it keeps their horrible business model going. The livewire doesn't look like anything special compared to the other motorcycles out there. Less range, and features, HD price.
I was and never heard about HD e-bikes till now. Looked at the link and they aren't mtb's. Interesting to see though. As it says in their description they look like they'll be good in an urban environment. Lol

20 years from now we will not remember that HD once made E bikes

I honestly hope that HD builds a good product and is able to expand the E bicycle world. I just don’t have a lot of faith that will happen. E bike apparel? Now maybe