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Tern eLink D7i Electric Bicycle Review

Tern eLink D7i Electric Bicycle Review

I bought a Tern eLink for my commute to work which is about 15km. It has an 7 speed hub which is internal. It rode very well on the way home from the shop. The battery and motor are Bafang. I'll report back on how it goes on the ride to work.
I test road the eLink and the Vektron. The Vektron has hydraulic disc brakes but I preferred to ride the eLink. Nice bike, if I was going to shell out the money the eLink would be my first choice. It's a very nice bike!
Nice bike, looks like it'll take you a bit over an hour to work based on the top speed of the eLink. Bafang usually limit the max speed in the LCD display but it's also password protected and it voids your warranty even if you were to find a way to remove it.


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A foldable ebike with a Bafang BBS Mid Drive sounds amazing, and especially with the 250 Watt motor. The rim brakes should be adequate at the speeds you'll be doing.
On my first communte to work and back I put about 52km on the bike which is more than the maximum range! I'm very happy with the bike. I took the long way home because I was having so much fun!
Nice, looks like a very solid ebike. I'd probably want from disc brakes due to the weight of the motor an battery but that's just my personal opinion. 25km/hr shutoff means they designed it for sale to the world.
Not sure how the cutoff works as I managed to push it up to 30km/hr. It 's great that I'm no longer sweaty when I get to work. I'm really looking forward to my commute now :)