Tandem EBike


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Nov 13, 2022
Just found this group and figured I could contribute and learn. I have a Daymak Classic electric tandem that I upgraded to an Ebikeling conversion. We use a tandem because my GF doesn't bike, but does a great job as stoker. We use the bike around town, especially if driving and parking is an issue. However, our main use for the bike is in boating. I have a 43ft trawler, that I put a hoist on to lift the bike onto the back of the boat. It gives us transportation when boating to different ports. We also use to shop and restock the boat with groceries and supplies. We used it a lot when doing America's Great Loop, a 6000 mile trip around the eastern US and into Canada. We'll repeat that trip in 2023.

Right now I have an issue with the display and need to figure out if I need to replace it and how to install it. Not a big deal, I hope.
I'm in the process to install a hub motor (with regen) onto my semi-recumbent tandem.
Still figuring out the best location for battery & controller, also upgrading the rear brake to a disc brake.
It's been in the works for a couple of years now, since COVID I haven't taken the tandem out very often.
I used to take it to charity events that allow (legally) blind folks to experience bike ride, since the stoker on the tandem sit up front.
With no restriction to field of vision. Captain & stoker have easy communication without the need for the person in front to turn their head back.

That's a really neat bike! That would be a great bike for me, as my stoker doesn't ride much and can't ride by herself. I'm going to look for one. Keep me posted on your project.