Tail Light


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Feb 4, 2022
I have a Juiced Rip Current and would like to add a tail light to work with the head light switch. On our other ebike X7 Eahora was able to use a wire off controller that was for tail light. Is there a wire like that on Rip Current, dealer support was not helpful on this Thanks. I bought the bike last week
Probably depends on you level of electrical knowledge

Personally, I'd probably try to see if I could open the headlight, and run a wire from inside the headlight to the tailight.

I'm assuming that the power for the front light, just comes from a regular switch and that your tail light does not take loads of current.

There is always a risk when modifying this and putting extra current though things not designed to handle a lot of extra current
If there's no dedicated brake wire from controller, you can get a kit that connects into headlight power wire and the brake cut off. This kit also includes a turn signal and a horn. However, it could be a bit annoying, since in order to operate, you'd have to power on the headlight via computer first.