Swytch extra battery choices


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5:58 PM
Jul 28, 2022
I've got a Swytch Mk 1 that I've been using very happily on my town bike but the battery life is now not so good, probably after I left it sitting for a year with no charge, oops.

I've just bought a cheap ex-demo gravel bike that I want to head out into the wilds on, that I'm very happy with, except that I've realised I need assistance for the hills. So I'm going to transfer the Swytch to it, but I was wondering if there is an easily swappable 3rd party battery solution that I can use? Preferably one that fits in a waterbottle holder, or a bolt-on larger battery pack?

The connectors on the Swytch look standard enough but I really don't know where to start regards compatibility.

Thanks in advanc