? Switch backwards !!!

Chuck T

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Feb 22, 2024
Received new 48 volt 22.4ah battery couple days ago. Have problems & need help. This is a second battery for my ebike dual motor. Identical to the orignal battery, from the same ebike company.
The on/off switch on the side of the new battery is mounted backwards and operates backwards of 1st battery & will not charge in the off position. When I charge the new battery, because it has to be in the on position, the charger's Indicator light remains red so I have no idea when the new battery is fully charged. The side indicator lights on the battery are my only way of figuring out how much of a charge the new battery has.
If anyone could offer any help please reply !

Honestly, if this is a new battery from the dealer, send it back. If they can't get the external switching right, lord only knows what's going on inside. If you're confused, just think how the battery's BMS feels.
I am guessing this is a 5 pin SMLRO v3 battery from your statement.

So, removing the battery to charge is out of the question? You wouldn’t have to remove it completely, just enough to interrupt the connection to the wiring. My battery has to be in the ON position to charge. It may be a new feature of the new battery.
Makes no diff if battery is on bike or not. No diff. I can charge the battery in the on position, but green complete charge light will not come on. Have to look at lights on side of battery to see charge.
That points to a likely problem with the battery management system inside the battery. It looks like you will need to see a refund/replacement.
Addertooth, The new battery is as per picture you sent. However the battery that came on the bike is backwards to your picture, and can charge in the on and off position both.
I haven't tried charging in the off position, so I have no information. Both of my batteries are topped off at maximum charge, so connecting them to a charger right now would not give relevant information.
Addertooth, Depends on how much charge is in the battery. No green if no charge, 3 green lights close to full charge. How ever the green light on charger will not come on. On both of my chargers.