Sweet deal on a Cannondale gravel eBike


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4:54 AM
Jun 9, 2022
SE Wisconsin
Normal price for the boring gray/black scheme: $6350
Cool black/highlighter scheme: $4440 {LINK}

Here's the skinny:
  • Class 3
  • "Full suspension" (rear "suspension" seems to be through carbon flexing, so not really what I'd call suspension) Still, they claim 30 mm of travel out back from the "Kingpin" suspension.
  • Bosch Performance Line CX Mid drive
  • It's geared a bit high for unpowered climbing at 44/40 (I'd probably want to go to a 34T chainring, in case I bonk or get stuck climbing unpowered )
  • 11-speed Shimano GRX groupset
  • 250 W motor, 500 Wh battery "up to" 78 mi range. Probably more, since it's pedalable.
  • 4 A charger; should be pretty quick!
  • Design & Innovation Award winner in 2021
  • Since the front "fork" is one-sided, adding the shock there is simpler/lighter than it would be on a traditional fork
  • Looks The Business!
Seems like it could replace 3 bikes in my garage: the road bike, gravel bike and maybe even the commuter eBike. (though I'd have to go back to wearing a backpack...) It's not as aero or light as my road bike, but since it's powered, that's not as important.

What do you guys think?
Wow! I didn't even know they made lefty ebikes, it's a pretty little thing. I bet it doesn't replace everything in your garage though. Ebikes are like ducks, they are happiest in groups. Congratulations!