Swagtron Elite 7 battery shutting down after using Level 3?


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5:04 AM
May 29, 2022
My Swagtron elite 7 works great, but a couple times after using level 3 a few times the battery seems to have shut down; although my indicator had registered a fairly well charged battery.
I do not know what you mean by "seems to have shut down".

I do not know what your "indicator" is, or what exactly "Fairly well charged" means,

I do not know what a Swagtron Elite 7 is, or how many levels you have, or how fast you went in what conditions carrying what load.

I do not know how hot it got, or how long it took to kill your battery, or what kind of motor you have, or the specs of your battery, or your power usage.

Some sort of unidentifiable screw-up has occurred. If you want help getting it fixed, you will have to supply some useful information.

I can NOT see it from here.

Get a DVM and take some voltage readings, post the numbers from the DVM. If you state what the readings are, exactly, and precisely where you took them, I know what those mean.

Next, tell me EXACTLY what happens when you attempt to use the bike, every switch, every light, every beep and buzz, then describe how that is different from what happened when it was working properly.

When doing this, remember - I can NOT see it from here, and have no clue or care what a Swagtron Elite 7 is.

I have a Hudafuq Maxit Super Whizzo 3000. Does that help you in any way whatsoever?