Swagtron eb7 controller need to be replaced


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Oct 10, 2021
I have a swagtron eb7 ebike. I need to find a brushless dc motor controller. Type number jyt-jdw100b(yckh031-112
Did you find a controller for your Swagtron eb7?

This online store sells one: https://www.monsterscooterparts.com...wagtron-eb7-elite-commuter-electric-bike.html
After almost a year of trying to contact them, they finally answer. I sent them a picture of my old one with the serial number and they had the controller. Bought it and gave it to friend who was trying to repair it. The back wheel with the motor needed to be replaced with an original from swagtron so I call them again but they don't have the wheel. My friend who is an electrician is going to get some wire and try to fix the wheel. I told him "Go ahead because I am buying a lectric 2.0 step thru" don't buy a SWAGTRON!


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