Suspension Stem - Is it OK to change stem length?


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7:50 AM
May 16, 2024
I would like to buy an extension Stem for my Prodigy ST. The stock bars are flatbar slightly swept back. The stock stem on the ST model is 80mm. The shortest option for a Kinect stem is 90mm. Will it make much of difference if I get the 90mm stem? Pivot stems don't work with flatbars so my options are very limited. Thank you for your insights!
Should be just fine but not much longer as it is only 1 cm longer. Have you determined how much higher you want the bars? Maybe a bar change would be a better way to go.
Well, I meant to say Kenect Suspension Stem. I need it to protect my hands and elbows from vibration on dirt roads. I havent thought about raising the bars, butI have considered changing the bars and adding aero bars. To what, I am not sure, but I do want another flatbar because of the upright position. I did read a review of some Redshift bars called the Kitchen Sink. Being able to change positions is a good way to avoid fatigue. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated!