Surly Straggler conversion


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Apr 7, 2023
Hi folks,
First time around E-bikes.
I’m potentially, depending on work moving, looking to convert my Surly Straggler to an e-bike. As it has a suitable BB length for the major motors, which is great. However, I have some questions and google’s answers seem to be a bit varied.
Is there anything I should know about converting a drop bar commuter to an e-bike?
As I can’t find build info about one of these frames around, does anyone know how well a straggler would take a conversion?
What should I consider when buying a kit?
How do I work out what size motor/battery I need to cover my KMs with me and my gear for the not insignificant hills around?
I ride all weathers, how do kits fair in a storm?

Probably heaps more but that’ll hopefully start me thinking.

That Surly Straggler mlooks like a very similar frame i had a BBS02 motor on.

Alot of mid frame realestate for a huge battery :)
I have a Straggler. It was one of the first production run when they came out. I had it preordered for about 4 months. Even though I have 5 e-bikes, the straggler is still a conventional bike that I set up for cross country touring. As for H-bars I settled on Trekking bars. They would be a good choice for a long distance road e-bike. I have an e-bike with a 500w rear hub drive which I ride for 30-70 miles per ride and I love the trekking bars on it so I can reposition my hands a lot to reduce wrist pain/numbness. However they would not be my choice for an off-road e-bike.
As for motors. Mid-drives are best for torque and inclines. If you’re only doing around town riding and mostly flat riding I think a 750w or even a 500w rear hub motor set up would be fine. Less wattage usually translate to more mileage out of a battery. But more power is usually more fun. So pick fun or mileage.
Like someone else already said a BBS02 or BBSHD might be the easiest install. Since it doesn’t require lacing a hub into the wheel. The only fun that you run into with a mid drive is getting the chain line correct.
In the very near future I may have a complete 500w Bafang hub conversion kit available. It’s basically a new bike take off. I may be converting my wife’s e-bike to a mid-drive with an Automatiq Enviolo CVP hub. The take off components will be complete with harness, e-bike brake levers, controller, display w/ built in thumb throttle, shifter, derailleur, rear freewheel and headlight. I think it has 300 easy miles on lt. I’m thinking about $400 for it all. I can measure my Straggler tomorrow to see what the rear hub width is to see if this kit will fit.
BTW, if you decide on going with a mid drive, just get the BBSHD Not the BBS02. The BBSHD is much more robustly built. And it can be detuned to reduce wattage anywhere below the advertised 1000w.