Supply chain issues showing up.


Local time
9:19 AM
May 27, 2022
Pariclarly with batteries. Put a $1300 order in with one outfit and they did not ship. Now trying to get a refund and it is taking loger than it should. The port in Shanghai is still pretty snarled up and this could cause serious issues for months to come. Just when e bikes are really takimg off. Better get yours while you can.
It's only going to get worse. China seems to be imploding... I started over two years ago buying backups and replacement parts for my BaFang drives and even top-end parts like Rohloff chain tensioners that are produced to spec in China. Maybe something good will come from this and American manufacturers will get off their asses and produce components on this side of the planet. I'd pay 25% more for an American-made mid-drive that I know will have support for years to come. Buying Chinese-produced ebikes is pure foolishness at this point... even if large retailers like Trek are selling them.
Lockdown in China is no joke.
The inability of these companies to ship orders is not by choice of their own but the totalitarian nature of the Chinese government.
Keep in mind that these companies are operated by real people, too.
There are millions of people in Shanghai that has been locked in their building for nearly the last two months.
It's not something that I can imagine, but that's reality for millions of Chinese people in Shanghai.
It's good to see you tewo two
getting along. let's fkin keep it that way