SUPER73-S1 Electric Bike Review


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Apr 24, 2020
Hey everyone. new to forum. got a super73 S1 in February. my first ebike. ebike is mostly intended for a 20 mile commute, but some pleasure riding is in there somewhere when it warms up. I'm already looking into improvements for the S1, like most, more power, more power. i plan to do my own work. no stranger to mechanicals or electricals, just not enough know how.....yet. Im sure it will come in time, I don't see many posts for lithium scout series ebikes. if anyone has scout series lithiums plz say hi.

The SUPER73-S1 is a rugged utility urban cruiser. The S1 is equipped with a durable and removable 696 watt-hour battery, a bright LED headlight, brake light, and rear cargo rack wrapped in a timeless design. The S1's versatility has helped it become one of the most recognizable bikes in the SUPER73 lineup.

Got a s1 and I’m not sure where to start. Was given to me and not sure if battery is good or the wheel motor is bad. Put battery on and I can’t get nothing.
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