Stolen eBike Recovery Thread - Post Pictures of Your Stolen eBike Here


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Jun 16, 2018
Has you eBike been stolen? If your ebike has been stolen post pictures of it in this thread so everyone on the forum can keep an eye out for it on Ebay, Craigslist or other classified sites like Gumtree.

Tips on Keeping your eBike Safe

Ebikes are at an extreme risk of theft in large cities and a thief can break any lock in a matter of minutes. Thieves target expensive brand name ebikes and so one advangtage of a kit ebike is that you can make it look like it's not worth stealing. The idea with a kit is to make it look like a worse target than the bike next to you.
  • Always lock your ebike even if you are only away from it for a minute
  • Always remove your battery if you can do so
  • Don't leave your ebike parked in the same location every day
  • Make sure torecord your ebike's serial number so you can give it to the police in case it gets stolen
  • Consider insuring your ebike