Steel vs Al alloy for ebikes?


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2:42 PM
Jul 30, 2020
Why not use steel for the frame? Anyone interested in seeing 4130 cro-mo steel framed ebikes, for the possible increased durability/reliability and characteristic steel ride quality? Something FS (ex. Starling Murmur), or at least higher end than say the Sondors original?
I'm an advocate of steel and two of my DIY bikes are steel hardtails. However, doubt there will be any higher-end steel OEM bikes.
The obsoletion rate of e-bikes is going to be more rapid than regular MTBs. Long term durability of the frame is less of a concern, IMHO.

I see e-MTB headed in the direction of light weight, low power, and small batteries. The 27-28 pound, high-end, carbon enduro bike, fitted with a 125 watt motor and 125Wh battery should weigh in at under 35 lbs.