Status Report On Speedbox 3.0 With Bosch Performance CX


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Jul 21, 2020
400 miles on the EBike since I made the decision to install the Speedbox 3.0 Tuner.

Trouble free & error message free.

I should have done this from day one.

775 total miles on the bike and I love not having a speed limiter.

I took the bike out this past Saturday and rode it with the Tuner turned off and it felt so SLOW to be throttled back at 20 mph.

I tend to average in the mid 20 mph to low 30 mph pace range (flats & slight hills) and on a short downhill I’ve hit 42.5 mph multiple different times.

I think I’m more gearing restricted instead of pedaling restricted.

Battery life on Turbo mode (tuner on) is now lowered to a range of about 25-30 miles, compared to 35-40 mile range when the tuner is turned off.

I have a local ride that covers 24 miles of bike path, roadways, and some gravel roads.

Basic ride is a good balance of flats & hills and the only thing keeping me from longer rides is the basic fear of depleting the battery and having to pedal the 50 lb. beast slowly home.

I’ve felt the pain twice (battery depleted), (both times with less than 1 mile to go), and I really don’t want to make a habit out of

Now as soon as I’m down to the last battery bar showing (20% remaining), I am slowing down and heading for home.

I love my EBike (with the tuner).
That sounds great, I have a Cube Reaction hardtail emtb with the Bosch CX and I'm looking to de-restrict it.

Where did you purchase your Speedbox 3.0 from? I can find them on amazon and ebay but are they the real deal?

Links to eBay may include affiliate code. If you click on an eBay link and make a purchase, this forum may earn a small commission.
Links to Amazon may include affiliate code. If you click on an Amazon link and make a purchase, this forum may earn a small commission.
Just hit the 1000 mile mark on the EMTB (4 months time & 625 miles de-restricted).

Still on original tires, tubes, chain, brake pads, suspension components, and chainrings.

I’ve had (3) flats (2 on back, 1 up front) (all by spikey ball thorns).

I’ve rode the battery to zero (2) times, and I’m not looking forward to playing that game ever again.

I ride my bikes 4-5 days per week, alternating between my 52 lb EMTB, and my 17 lb Carbon Specialized Road Bike. On EMTB ride days, I go out for 20 to 25 miles. On the Road Bike days, I go out for 10 to 15

The days riding the Specialized Roubaix SL4 make me realize how comfortable and more fun the Raleigh Kodiak IE Pro EMTB really

I really miss riding at 25 - 28 mph on the EMTB, when I’m struggling at 18 mph on the Specialized Roubaix SL4.

Best overall improvement - Adding a SPEEDBOX 3.0 top speed de-restricter.

Least used option - drop seat post

Love my EMTB......
Glad you're enjoying your ebikes. That's really interesting that you ride the EMTB more than the road-ebike! I can't wait to get my Cube Reaction de-restricted when the Speedbox 3.0 arrives :)
my service wernch came on after installing speedbox 3.0 for my trek 2021 Allant 7 s + [28 mph] with the latest Bosch 4 update I have only 12 miles on the speedbox it works but the service tool is on witch is a service item ? any ideas ??