Stark Drive Electric Bike Review


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Apr 23, 2020
I bought a Stark e bike, the top of the line model. When I finally received it, I took it to a repair shop to check it over. It was very easy to assemble it myself, but they recommend that you have a professional check it. The repair shop I used missed seeing something, and I heard a wearing sound when I was riding it. I couldn't figure where the noise was coming from, and took it back to see.

It turned out the area between the pedals [ inside ] was not lubricated properly. I also noticed, that because I ride on bike trails [ parks ] that the screws would loosen a lot. Once I got these matters straightened out, the bike is a great value, and I really enjoy riding it. But one more thing, I wish the sprocket was a couple of gears lower, I am so fast, that I ride in top gear constantly. I would prefer to have a couple of more gears so my legs would not go around so fast. I usually ride at between 25 - 32 kilometers, and it is a bit of a nuisance, maybe I will change the main gear to a slightly larger one.

Otherwise I am really happy with the Stark Drive electric bike.

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