SRAM Shorter crank arms for e-bikes

Nice! I hope Shimano follows along with various lengths. 160mm would be the one I'm most interested in.
I got 160mm Miranda Delta cranks last year for my Trek Powerfly (Bosch). Direct from Miranda (Europe) in less than a week & less than $100 total.

Their Delta SH cranks are for Shimano E8000.

My short legs & new knee really like the shorter cranks. Definitely less pedal strikes too. YEA!

Catfish ...
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I bought the 165’s and don’t dare going shorter. I have long legs and have been on 175’s forever. The 165’s feel about perfect for me. My Focus came with 170’s.
Since pedaling is the switch/throttle to turn the motor on, it's awkward to try to stutter through tech stuff like you can on a bike. So, pedal strikes galore. One area where a throttle is better IMO.

Maybe manufacturers will add in a "boost" button to let you do just that at some point?

Video from someone who I believe posts here on occasion but anyways he has installed 152mm cranks on his Levo and gives his thoughts.