SPEEED Won't connect


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1:44 AM
Jun 25, 2024
Vancouver Island
I have a recent 48 volt 500 watt BBS02 running with a 500C Display. I downloaded the SPEEED App to my android version 6 phone, bought a new programming cable with an OTG cable but cannot make a connection to the App. The phone uses the micro USB but I cannot get any indication light & get the message through the app, "Device not found." I also have the App on my Chromebook & connected through the USB ports on the notebook. This time I get the indicator light turning on but still get the message "No Device Found." My BBS02 is working fine but I would like to reduce the low gear power levels as well as shorten the motor stop delay. Anyone have suggestions for connecting to the App? Please keep it simple as my computer skills are limited. Thank you.