Speedo reads extremely fast


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1:38 PM
Mar 17, 2021
Bike registers it going at least 10 times faster than reality, not sure what is wrong. Also this bike has S-Ride branded throttle and derailleur, are the any compatible derailleur I can use?
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All I can think of that your display is set up for the wrong wheel diameter. Have you checked the manual for your display to see if you can change the wheel diameter in the settings?
Yes I have checked that out, I have no idea because I had the bike running today perfectly. Then I shut off bike and turned it back on and it reads that at a casual stroll it reads 22mph pushing bike. No matter what I try I can't repeat the results from earlier today. Reset to factory still reads wrong. I can set tire diameter from 16 to 28 inches with settings every 2 inches.