Speedo error

I have an eBikeling rear hub drive with the 830 control, that works great except the speedometer shows too high speed.
I would think you could change the calibration to correct your speedometer. I'm not sure if it's got advanced program settings thou or how to access them.
Try P06: wheel diameter-26 or 28 see which is closer.

hope that helps :)
Also I have a problem with the handle bar thottle not working. With Po-10 set at 2, it hasn't worked for a long time. However, when I was messing with the PO settings yesterday, it worked for a while and then stopped working. I checked all the connections and went through the PO settings again and could find nothing wrong.
Glad you got the issue addressed.

In my opinion, though, wearing a Speedo is always an error. ;)
My eBikeling speedometer was way off, I had to iteratively change the wheel size. The smaller you make the wheel diameter, the faster the bike will go to achieve that speed. I calibrated it with my Garmin watch. All good now.