Speed vs Power – PAS programming choices


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Aug 28, 2021
There has been a lot of discussion related to this so I think it deserves its own thread.

Here is the issue as I see it;

Bafang has gone to some lengths to make the result of the PAS settings what they think their customers want. For many they have succeeded. Basically it is a what I call speed mode, a kind of loose cruise control, achieved by having speed limits at each PAS level and decreasing power at higher cadence (pedal RPM). Cruise is good for the person who tends to stay at the same effort and cadence and is reluctant to row the gear shift lever, but it encourages one to stay at low cadence and you never really know how much assist you are getting.

…but we do not all have the same needs, and cruise is inappropriate and confusing for more experienced riders who know what power assist they want, need controls for setting it and like to know what they are getting. This is not just a matter of loosening up controls for the hotdogs that want higher speed and more power. Power mode would be much more understandable in training and more appropriate for making up a constant difference in power when riding with powerful non-e riders.

Electrical power (Watts) equals volts times amps, so each PAS setting would be an amps setting, delivering the same amps no matter what the bicycle speed or pedal RPM.

The dream is a choice at setup of whether the PAS settings would be for speed or power, but for now the closest we can do to get power mode is to set all the PAS speed limits to 100% of the global speed limit and change the cadence level at which the power decrease starts to the highest RPM possible (Current Decay = 8). Unfortunately it is not currently possible to set the power decrease to never.


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Apr 20, 2021
You have certainly given this a lot more careful thought than I.
I agree that the Bafang PAS system is a form of cruise control; just an on/off, yes/no approach, with adjustable current limits. And I agree that setting PAS speed levels to 100% can somewhat simulate a power mode.
But I haven't experimented with, or even studied Current Decay at all, and cannot comment on how that would affect the riding experience.
Also, I don't really understand the meaning of 'speed' in regards to programming the motor. It's easy to think that it simply means bike speed, but I read somewhere that it really means motor speed. If this is so, then shifting gears can become a great asset to the riding experience. I think that's the major advantage of a mid drive system.
Seriously, I'm no expert here. In fact, before I got my pedal bike in June/2020, I hadn't been on a bike in over 30 years. I just converted the bike in April/2021 to a BBS02 system. And since I'm a newbie, I adapted quite well to how it operates. Hey, 5K miles in 15 months isn't too shabby for an older guy.
Final thought...
I wish there was someone with a clear understanding of the Power Mode adjustment, the one that can be set from "Undefined", to 100. It seems like it could have some real value for us. But from what I have read, it seems to make no difference no matter how it's set, and there's really no discussion about it.
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