speed limiting on bafang controller Type YCSV126-017-48T


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8:34 PM
Apr 28, 2022
Just getting my feet wet with ebikes. Bought an entry level 500 watt 48V geared rear hub bafang kit on ebay. So far haven't installed the PAS sensor yet, just bump the PAS setting on the display up to level 5 and use the throttle. Happy with the thumb throttle. Performance is pretty good for a fairly inexpensive kit, but I notice the power cuts out at 25mph. Installed on a bacchetta recumbent, super fast aerodynamic bike, easily goes 30 mph on a mild decent with pedaling, but the motor stops helping at 25 . Motor controller has an amp limiter at 18 amps. I know the 25mph cut-out is not due to the amperage limiter, because the electric assist stops helping even when i'm descending at 25 and would only need minimal power consumption from the motor to bump me up to 30. Must be some sort of speed limiting setting. Can this be changed? Hacked? Reprogrammed?

Adjust speed limit on your display.
This looks like the same display housing that comes on the Bintelli Fusion 750W Bafang Rear Hub E-bike. Do you think it is one in the same? If so, how do you get into the programming mode?

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passcode is 1919, but you'll find that adjusting the speed limit does nothing.
That passcode might be specific to the 850c display unit. The geared hub motor is wound to turn at a max of 470 rpm on 52 volts, in other words it's wound/geared as a 9.5kv motor. At 470rpm in a 20" wheel it will top out at 27 mph and no amount of current will make it spin faster. After resistance losses in circuitry, for all intents it will quit being able to spin faster at about 25mph. I have the same hub on my recumbent. The only way to run faster is to use a higher voltage battery and controller, re-gear the internals of the hub (really doubt those gears can be found off the shelf) or to pull the stator and rewind the core with less winds.