Specialized Vado 2.0 Motor Failure


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Aug 17, 2018
I bought a Vado 2.0.from my local bike shop. I just went in to pick up a tube for my other bike and in less than an hour i was riding it home. Big mistake! The motor failed at about 250 miles. I took it in to see what was up, they had it for two weeks and when i finally called them, they told me that a new motor would have to be ordered.

I called Specialized to ask about this and of course 5 weeks ago never did get a response. I called again today and of course the area rep is out again and will call me, won't hold my breath. Has anyone else had such poor performance from a $2,800 bike? I unfortunately did research (recently) and apparently I'm not the only person with a motor issue. It also appears that the software can't be updated as that company is out of business. There are other e bikes that don't seem to have these issues. Have others here had similar issues?
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