Specialized Turbo Levo Issue


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Aug 7, 2020
My wife's bike has developed a noise / tick in the motor area. It sounds like something is intermittently rubbing plastic or metal as the motor rotates. It makes the noise regardless of if the bike is on or off. The sound is also not 1x1 with the crank rotation, meaning that the sound seems to occur slightly more than once per turn of the ranks. If the bike is in a stand, I can feel a slight increase in resistance when the noise occurs.

Anyone experienced with this before? Not sure if I can remove the motor cover without causing warranty issues. The reason I'm asking here is that the only specialized dealer is about 4 hours away from me. If it's a simple fix, I'd rather take care of it myself than make the trip.

If the click is not 1 to 1 with the crank rotation it is most likely related to the internal gear reduction.
I believe the levo Brose motors use a belt instead of gears for the reduction.
Time for a visit to the dealer or dig in yourself to find the culprit
Could be something with the internal belt. I have one bike that ticks under full load occasionally but otherwise is silent. I would go over to the specialized forum for the turbo Levo.
Found the problem.

It was difficult to diagnose on the ground, but once I got the bike in a stand I found the chain guide was loose and the back side was making contact with something behind the cover plate as the motor rotated.
So you just had to tighten it back up and problem solved? That's great. (y)
Yeah, it was an extremely simple fix.

Overall we're really enjoying the bike. My wife is fast, but can't quite hang with some of the faster group rides. With the levo though the tables turn, and we have to work to keep up with her lol.
My wife has used her Levo to tow my road bike and mountain bike uphill. She gets a big kick out of that. Sometimes she sees me coming for a tow and then takes off leaving me to suffer. Very cruel!
My rear axle came loose after about 40 miles. Could be a dealer specific issue but good idea to do a quick check yourself.