Specialized eBike Support Longevity (Vado SL)


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Feb 19, 2023
I am looking for some input from people whom have had a Specialized eBike for sometime. My wife and I will be getting her a Vado SL for her to ride that will allow us to ride distances that fits my needs. She is small and we are older. I enjoy 20+ mile rides and she cannot, especially with hills we encounter. She likes to ride, but she just no longer can go for distance. Thus the Vado. Its weight is something she can manage. Since the batteries are an expendable item over time, does specialized support older bikes with battery replacement options? That is, how long should I expect battery kits to be available for purchase? I'm just looking for input from people who have been riding something over time, and what to expect from a battery/service/support aspect. Please no bashing, or "other" bike ideas. I've been around the block so to speak, and know the options and suppliers. We have looked at allot of stuff, and the Vado fits our needs perfectly.
We have the Specialized Turbo Creo bikes and support for firmware updates has not been an issue and done for free by a local shop. Specialized have been around for decades and supporting their products. I use Yelp to learn about the quality of support done by local bike shops to decide which ones to use.

No idea if your wife has physical limitations you would want a 55 lb Vado instead of a 26 lb Creo e-bike. The tires on the Vado are good for off the pavement trails but going to take more energy to pedal on pavement than the road tires on the Creo.
An advantage of buying a more popular bike from a tier 1 manufacturer is that there is a greater chance of third party businesses providing battery packs or rebuild factory ones. I have seen this with the battery packs for power tools.
I think that if Specialized stopped supporting them, you could just have the pack rebuilt with new cells.