Specialized e.g. Turbo Vado: Tap the 36 volt from battery cable for lightning possible?


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Jun 3, 2023
I would like to connect a 36 volt 35W light directly to the battery cable, running to the motor of a Specialized Turbo Vado.
Actually, the motor is supplied with this voltage. The current consumption of which will of course be increased due to the branching to the lamp.
I don't know how capable it is of controlling the current.
I am unsure if this could cause warning messages or at worst a defect.

Does anybody have experience with this?

Thanks! :)
If you can find a wiring diagram ,see if there is a lighting connector on the controller. yes you could tap into( shunt) the main battery cable for power.About the lightning part, only if you use an interupter and the correct transformer otherwise don't ride in thunderstorms( hate to be a smarta$$ couldnt resist):LOL:
Do you know, if there is some kind control mechanism for the supplied current between the battery and the motor?
This would make sense, to detect a leakage current.
I am so careful, because I have to spend 460$ for the light. ;-)
There are the brutish easy things like a rheostat a little research could net a regulator or viable power supply or even its own dedicated battery.