Sondors X as first ebike?


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May 16, 2020
Hey everyone, new to the group and looking to buy my first bike. Debating if the Sondors X is a good bike. Looking for something easy to transport and has enough power to take me up some hills and a distance of atleast 20 miles. Can anyone that owns one of these or something similar help me out. Thanks!
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I can't them for a number of reasons including that you want to do hills and hub motors do not fair as well on hills. If you can spend a bit more get a Rad Power ebike. I love my Rad bike!
Sondors are cheap bikes, so they’re not great, but they’re not total garbage. I wouldn’t recommend buying one, but there are many happy Sondors owners who would.

Personally, if I were that limited on budget, I would go DIY. With a cheap, online production ebike, you might be stuck doing your own repairs anyway, so you might as well learn that stuff now.