Sixty-something couple in St Louis


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Apr 11, 2023
St Louis
We have purchased four Specialized bikes since 2019 -- after test riding seven different brands before coming to conclusion that we like Como and Vado bikes best. They have the best blend of power, duration, comfort and intuitive support. And just grading the bikes--they are fine bikes without the motors. We've logged 30,000 miles on ebikes in the past several years and typically ride in the 15mph range at 25-30 miles per ride.

Renting on vacation in Hawaii, we've found that the Specialized Creo is a nice road ebike but the SL models (both Vado and Como) lack the torque and battery range to which we are accustomed. I'm amazed how people misconceive the ebike--they think it's cheating or not a good workout. There are some bikes (class 2) with throttles that don't require pedaling but I've found pushing a 55 pound bike around for hundreds of miles is a pretty good workout.

Occasionally I jump on my carbon road bike and take it for a spin (it feels so light!) but the bigger, heavier ebike feels more stable on the road and safer in traffic (with the upright position). More often I ride my straight-bar road bike on the Tacx Neo2 e-trainer to avoid rain, wind and cold, but given the choice I prefer to be outdoors. I used to think it would be great to tweak the class 3 bikes to assist up to 35 mph, but now I'm content with the 28.5mph motor help.
Welcome Rick, from SE Wisconsin.
I like the look of the new Turbo Como, but it's a lot of sheckles.
I think 28 mph is plenty fast too. We have one member here who refers to Class 3 eBikes as "riding the loophole". Beyond that speed, really beefy brakes and wheels are needed, as well as a motorcycle helmet and probably some other safety gear too.