Single Speed Vs Geared Ebikes?


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Feb 25, 2021
New to electric bikes but in the market to purchase. My goal is to get back in to biking after not being able to exercise following a prolonged illness. Primary reason for buying electric is for the pedal assist and will be used mostly for road riding or paved path riding with some hills (not majorly steep) and using pedal assist as needed and I want to be able to tackle the hills when encountered. I am 5 feet 4 inches about 155 pounds and am looking to purchase an affordable ebike in the price range of $1,300 or less. I found this gives me a few options where I can either get a single speed with a 350w - 500w motor or a geared ebike (7 speed or higher) with a 250w motor.

My question, is the higher wattage motor single speed (i.e., Rad Power MIssion 1) a better option than a lower wattage geared ebike (I.e., Propella V 4.0 7 Speed) considering I will need assistance on the hills?

Any help or suggestions before purchasing would be sincerely appreciated.
Gearing means there is less demand per minute on the battery and this is going to make for more mile per charge. The single speed bikes are meant for use on flat ground and no cargo weight. Name brand e-bikes are selling for a hefty premium and yet use motors and battery packs and controllers and bike components from the same companies. With e-bikes weighing in at more than 60 lbs I would want a 7-speed model for going up hills.