Silverfish battery pack fix


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6:43 PM
Feb 19, 2023
I have a bike it is a trike. The key is missing and wanted to know if or how, to replace the key lock with a toggle switch. Also do I have to have the key to get the battery to charge? Cause I cannot get the battery to take a charge. The key ignition is also broken, someone drilled it or something. I don't want to replace the key ignition, I live far from anyone who would want to steal it. Just like a quick fix to see if the thing will charge or if I need to buy a new battery pack. Thanks
You would have to take the battery apart. Hopefully the didn’t damage the battery or BMS by drilling the key slot. It is possible to put a switch in but you must be careful with battery. If the battery is lithium ion they are dangerous to work with if you don’t know what you’re doing.