Should I go electric?


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2:31 PM
Apr 24, 2020

Please someone, convince me to buy an electric bike conversion kit.

I used to be a very active individual. but now I need to cut back. I would like to commute to work by bike, and was thinking of using an ebike as a way to stay active.

Pros of electric bikes:
  • Fun
  • Healthy
  • Good for the environment

Cons of electric bikes:
  • Expensive
  • I might get bored with my ebike
  • Dangerous (car might not see me)
  • Problems with the bike (are these things even waterproof?
Buy a kit. You know you want one. Just do it :). I bought three. I love them dearly, but only once I learned (from others) how to program the motor properly. If you get a kit, I can help you with the programming (thanks to the help of others here). They can also help you too.

I have one full suspension woods bike and a Townie road cruiser bike, and a folding road bike. You can get as much or little exercise as you want simply by turning up or down the assistance level of the motor.

The kits you will be advised on here are serious kits that generally go on serious bikes owned by people who are generally serious riders. If you get a good kit and put it on a good bike and program it well, you should have a long-term fun and useful bike that is reliable. It does take effort on your part though to learn how to install and program your kit and/or diagnose an issue if you have one.

Another option is to buy a factory e-bike. Go test ride a serious factory bike at your local bike shop to get an idea if it is something you would enjoy doing.
I got an E bike because I retired from a physical occupation and had no sports routine. I had an old bike I wasn't riding converted. I went with a BBSHD on the theory that the only thing that costs more than doing it right the first time, is doing it right the 2nd time. Since I'm a mechanic by trade tinkering with it is just another hobby.The result is a low impact aerobic exercise that is impossible to overexert myself.