Should Have Made The Move Years Ago!


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Jul 20, 2020
64 year old male with decades of road bike experience.

6 ft tall / 230 lbs.

Over the years I’ve completed 3 double centuries, and numerous regular century rides, along with thousands of miles of regular old street or bike path riding.

All my riding has been recreational though, never racing within a cycling agency.

I’m now 2 months into my first EBike ownership.

2019 Raleigh Kodak IE Pro EMTB / Pedal Assist (Bosch Performance CX Motor)

I will probably spend 90% of my riding time on bike paths and gravel roads, with very few miles actually spent on mountain trails.

400 miles on the odometer and still going strong.

I also have a 2014 Specialized Roubaix SL4 Road Bike which until I bought the EBike, I considered the best / fastest bike I had ever ridden.

As I got older, heavier, and slower, I started looking towards the riding comfort of a wider, softer, lower pressure MTB versus the high pressure skinny ass street bike tire.

In 2014 I spent $3400 on the Roubaix, and I cringed at the cost.

In 2020 I spent $3000 on a new (last years model) Raleigh IE Pro EMTB, and again it was a lot of money to spend on something I may or may not enjoy.

After my first 40 mile EMTB ride, I knew I was hooked.

Now 2 months later, and 400 miles further, I still look forward to at least (3) spirited rides between 20 & 40 miles each week.

My biggest complaints to date have been rapid battery charge depletion and top speed envy (20 mph pedal assist limit)

The Raleigh is real heavy (50+ lbs.), a spare 500 watt battery is about $900 dollars, It doesn’t handle or brake like the Roubaix, but DAMN I enjoy riding that bike.

The bike has no throttle. It is pedal assist only. If I don’t pedal, I stop

There are 4 pedal assist modes (eco, tour, EMTB, turbo) to assist with the ride, and I typically spend most of my time in either EMTB, or Turbo.

The bike has a lot better range in eco & tour settings, but I like to cruise at the 20 mph mark as much as possible.

I made a decision after the first month of 20 mph riding to go ahead and give up my Bosch motor warranty by installing a Speedbox 3.0 tuner to remove the top speed limiter.

My bike, my money, my choice.

The bike now offers pedal assist well beyond the 40 mph mark and I am now limited by gearing instead of by a speed limiter.

I am also a licensed motorcycle rider and I’m sure I will get plenty of people telling me about the legalities of riding so fast on the street.

I look forward to many many hours of forum reading.




Jul 12, 2020
Very well priced and well-equiped emtb. Powered with a Bosch Performance CX electric bike motor and fully outfitted with some of the very best mountain bike components - you have made a good choice :)


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Jun 15, 2018
That certainly is a very nice ebike sir. Hope you've been hitting some trails with this bike!
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